Should you choose a car or a motorcycle, this article will give you the answer

Should you choose a car or a motorcycle, this article will give you the answer

As the pace of life accelerates, traffic roads are under tremendous pressure and there are more and more cars and motorcycles on the road, so should you choose a car or a motorcycle in the face of such crowded traffic roads?

Before choosing between a car and a motorcycle, it is necessary to understand the differences between the two and their advantages and disadvantages.

Car advantages:

1, safety

2, comfort

3, shelter from the wind and rain.

Car disadvantages:

1, expensive

2, expensive maintenance

3, fuel consumption

4, easy to traffic jam

5, difficult to park.

It's easy to buy a car and hard to keep it. The cost of a car for a year such as maintenance, insurance, gas, toll, tickets, car wash, parking fees, and a host of other problems, there is certainly no problem to buy a new motorcycle.

Motorcycle advantages:

1, low price

2, maintenance costs bottom

3, fuel consumption bottom

4, flexibility

5, easy to park.

Motorcycle disadvantages:

1, poor safety

2, less load

3, weather problems

Four wheels carry the body, two wheels carry the soul. In fact, many people with a car in mind are also very fond of motorcycles, especially in urban congestion, motorcycles are fast, the car can not be compared to the car, relative to the car, the motorcycle's flexibility, traffic jams can not be blocked, fuel consumption, maintenance, costs, etc. are lower than the car, is the best transportation for the working class, so motorcycles are still thriving without signs of elimination.

In addition, the 5 benefits of riding a motorcycle make life full of energy!

1. It's cool to ride a motorcycle!

Putting on a helmet, stepping on a motorcycle, and twisting the throttle is the most handsome picture in normal life. Motorcycle riders are always associated with words like wild, domineering, and heroic, because they can reveal their untamed temperament without any intention, how cool!

2、Riding a bike makes you healthier!

Riding a motorcycle is a way of life that makes you sunnier, more confident and healthier. It allows you to get close to nature, relax your body and mind, and adjust your body and mind to the best condition. If riding a motorcycle can make you fulfilled and happy, there's no doubt that it's the healthiest way of life you should have!

3. Riding a motorcycle will drive away bad moods!

There are many ways to get rid of the bad mood, some people will go to the shopping mall for crazy shopping, and some people go to the amusement park to ride the roller coaster when fear comes to shout. If you're in a bad mood, why not get on a motorcycle and ride to the countryside away from the hustle and bustle and feel nature? 

Although escaping from the hustle and bustle will give you a moment of peace and quiet, a motorcycle trip is never a way to escape from your problems, but rather a way to temporarily let go of your worries, change your mood, and use a more positive attitude to solve problems.

4. Make commuting easy!

If you're looking at the long lines of traffic and honking your horn and cursing the terrible traffic conditions, let your motorcycle save you from being stuck in traffic! Motorcycles are small, flexible, and will not only save you time by getting you through the overflowing traffic, but they won't spoil your good mood for the day with congested traffic!

5. Make friends and meet happiness!

It's easy to find a thousand dollars, but it's hard to find a friend. Motorcycle riders have their own "group", which is an innate bond that binds them together. If you meet on the way, riders will wave and smile to show their friendship; if you encounter difficulties on the road, riders will not hesitate to help you out of trouble. So the process of riding is also the process of making friends, and maybe even meet your lifelong partner because of the motorcycle!

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