How to choose a motorcycle helmet that suits you (Common Types)

How to choose a motorcycle helmet that suits you (Common Types)

A qualified motorcyclist, in the first thought of getting on his motorcycle and ready to go, should ask himself, where are his helmets and gloves.

As the most basic configuration for motorcycle riding, helmets should be the most important part of safe riding.

Among a wide range of motorcycle helmet products, how to choose the motorcycle helmet that suits you is one of the most concerned issues for many junior motorcycle riders. Below, I will talk to you in detail about how to choose a motorcycle helmet that suits you (hereafter referred to as "helmet").

helmets and gloves

Common Types

From the perspective of the helmet-to-head wrapping area, or the helmet type of the helmet, the helmet is mainly divided into four types: 

full face helmet, half-helmet, three-quarter helmet and flip up helmet.

3 types of helmets

1.The full face helmet, as shown in the figure below, can maximize the wrapping of the head. In the event of an accident, the protection is the most comprehensive, so the safety factor is the highest.

The downside is: it will be very hot in the summer, especially when waiting for the traffic lights (the wind is not particularly hot because of the windy road);

full face helmet

2.Half helmet, as shown below, only wraps the head. It is easy to wear, and it won't be too hot in summer. This kind of helmet doesn't take up too much space in motorcycle suitcase.

The disadvantages are as follows:

1. The wrapping area of the head is too small to protect the cheeks and chin parts, and it is easy to pry the helmet out at the moment of crashing, causing the head to be exposed, so the protection is poor.

2, need to buy additional goggles or lenses;

half helmets

3.Three-quarter helmet, as shown in the following figure, is a transitional helmet type between the full and half helmets. It can be said that it combines the advantages of the other two helmets, but it also contains their shortcomings.

Three-quarter helmets are characterized by:

1. Safety level between full and half helmets;

2. Not too hot in summer,a little cold in winter

three-quarter helmet

Generally, half-helmet and three-quarters helmet are collectively referred to as open face helmet

4.The flip up helmet.

The flip up helmets combine the advantages of full-face helmets and three-quarter helmets. When the cover is buckled, the package area is the same as that of the full face helmet. It also can be used to expose the mask when it is hot. It is my favorite helmet type.

The structure of the flip up helmet is more complicated than the ordinary full face helmet, and it needs to be easily opened and closed, so it demands better production process. Under the same safety performance requirements, the flip up helmet needs more crafts to guarantee. For example, how to ensure that the mask does not fall off during the impact, that is, the flip up helmet needs to be considered more than the full face helmet.

flip up helmets

Summary: The above four kinds of helmets, sorted by safety, should be: full face helmet ≥ flip up helmet > three quarter helmet > half helmet

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